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How to ward in Dota 2.

 One of the Main things that you need to Take Care in Dota 2 is supporting. Its one of the most important Role in Dota 2.
First let me describe the wards.

There are two types of wards in Dota 2

  1. Observer Ward
  2. Sentry Wards

When you buy either you get a pair of wards. Which means that when  you buy observer ward from the shop ( Price = 150 ) ( as on 19/4/2013) you will get a pair of observer wards. So you have 2 observer wards in your inventory. :)

  • Observer Ward

Observer Ward

  1.  To give vision of large area.
  2. Helps you know enemy team Movement in the Map.
  3. Block of Creep Camps ( if placed near / on their spawn site)
  4. Observer Wards are Good for high ground Vision.
  • Sentry Ward

Sentry Ward

  1. Sentry Wards give True sight Vision
  2. Sentry Ward is used to Deward enemy's observer wards
  3. It helps to see invisible heroes like Stealth Assassin, Bounty Hunter , Brood Mother etc

Observer Ward Info

Maximum Stock of 2 in store. Replenishes after every 6 minutes.
Stacks with itself in inventory  2 charges.

When you Place a ward : 

Places an observer ward to give sight of surrounding area
Observer Ward has 1600 vision , 200 HP and is invisible.
Observer ward lasts for 6 minutes.

Sentry Ward Info

Drops a sentry ward which gives truesight revealign nearby invisible units. Has very limited natural vision itself.
Sentry Ward has 70 vision 950 AOE  True Sight 200 HP and is invisible.
Sentry Ward Lasts for 3 minutes.

Wards to Place When You are Radiant :

Dire Ancients Warding Spot - NO REXXAR /TINKER

This ward is Mainly Placed when you have a solo Beastmaster in hard lane in dire. Mainly Because of the dire ancient stacking which he can clear off Later. This ward is preferred because You can place it from the below in the river. Which Means that you do not have to endanger yourself going up high ground in the Dire side. Also its sort of difficult to guess this ward. Even after knowing its there the Dire Hero might just place a sentry ward there blocking out the creep camp. :P
Job Done we are happy he dewarded it :P

This Ward Provides vision of the Dire Ancient

Here the ward is placed on the high slope . It does not block the ancient creep spawn. However it will give vision of anyone farming the ancients. IT can be used to turn a game upside down ( especially if you find the carry farming here)

Secret Shop Vision (useful when your doing Roshan )

This might look like its an offensive ward. But frankly its a defensive ward. Its mainly Placed while doing Roshan. It gives you an early Warning that the Dire team is coming.

Ward By Solo Dire Top Lane Hero. This ward Prevent Radiant from Pullin in top lane.

This ward is extremely important when trying to solo top lane versus trilane of Radiant. This ward blocks off the camp that radiant can pull on top Lane. Also it gives you a nice vision if any1 tries to backstab you.

This ward Blocks the Dire Pulling Creep Camp. Also Provides vision of jungle

This ward Blocks the dire creep pulling camp. it also provides a nice vision if any heroes are coming in that area.

This ward is the best ward of all. Its Almost very very difficult to deward. This ward Is also equally dificult to place. Check it out precisely as a small movement from its location wont despawn the creep wave


Normal Ward to Block the Creep Spawn in pull camp

This ward is the easiest to place. Its also the easiest to deward. However it does block the dire creep pulling camp

Radiant TriLane vs Solo Dire Bot Warding. Gives Vision of tp ( Any1 Disrupter?) :D
This ward is used for vision of where the dire solo hero is standing. Also it notes any Teleports coming into the Dire Bottom Lane.

Radiant Bottom River Runespot Warding Aggressive
Its an aggressive warding of the river by radiant. Useful to know if the opposite mid hero is also coming for the rune.

Normal Radiant RuneSpot Warding . Bot River
Radiant Warding of the River.

Radiant Bottom River Runespot Warding
Alternative Warding Spot for Radiant

Ward of Bottom River RuneSpot
Normal Warding.

Defensive Jungle Warding. 
This is a defensive ward . It gives vision of anyone coming from the river as well as anyone coming from the mid lane into the Radiant Jungle.

Defensive Jungle Warding
This ward is mainly planted if the enemy is in an advantage and is deep within your territory already.

Defensive Jungle Warding
This ward gives you complete vision of Your own jungle. you can notice enemy movements within your jungle.

Offensive Dire Jungle Warding. Good for Pushing
It gives a complete vision of enemy top side of jungle. Also good for pushing as the vision provided by this ward is excellent. Easily Dewarded though.

This ward gives vision of Dire Bot Lane Movements after the towers have been taken. 

Dire Lane Vision Ward.

Radiant Top River RunesSpot Warding

Normal Ward

Radiant Top River Warding
Normal Ward For Top Rune. Also Gives vision if any1 farming that NC

Radiant Top River Aggresive RuneSpot Warding
Aggressive Mid Lane Warding

Radiant Top Runespot Defensive Warding
Defensive Mid Lane Top Rune Warding

Radiant Solo vs Dire Trilane Warding.
This ward is mainly put if you are solo Radiant Hero Vs Trilane / Dual Lane of Dire. This ward sees their supports coming to gank you. It is very very useful.

Radiant Push Ward 1
Ward used for pushing into Dire Base

Radiant Offensive Warding inside Dire Jungle ( difficult to counterward)
It is another Offensive warding. Not as good as the one on the cliff. However provides decent vision. Very difficult to deward.

Radiant Offensive Ward inside Dire Jungle
Offensive Warding.

Radiant Tier Two Tower Vision Warding ( Aggressive)
Checks for TP into Tier Two Tower

Ward Guide - Official .

While Warding when Dire:

Dire Ward to provide vision in Radiant Bot Lane

Dire Defensive Ward

Dire Defensive Ward. Mainly For Roshan Fights

Dire Mid Lane Aggressive Ward

Dire RuneSpot Warding

Normal River RuneSpot Ward

THis ward Blocks the pull camp of radiant. 

Dire Push Ward inside Radiant base

Radiant Pulling Wave Block

Radiant Pull Camp Warded. 

Radiant Pullng Wave Block

Radiant Creep Pull Wave PUll Block

Dire Agressive Ward againt junglers ( Naix / Engima / Axe)

Dire Mid Lane High Ground Ward

Radiant Pull Camp Ward Block
This ward is useful when Mainly Playing defensive on bottom lane as Dire. Provides Rune Vision and prevents against Ganks

This ward wards off the ancient camp spawn at Radiant Side. Useful against Tinker /BeastMaster
Bottom River Warding

Dire Solo Bot Defensive Warding
Bot River Warding
This ward Blocks off Two Camps. The Medium Camp and the Pulling Camp

Radiant Vision Warding

Below I will post several Links of Other Good Warding Guides :

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